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10" Bridge Tile Wet Saw with Legs


This professional 10" bridge tile saw is designed to give the best possible cuts and productivity on large tile and stone. Bridge saws are preferred for plunge cutting as they offer easy one hand operation.

Saw features:

  • 40" Straight Cut & 28" Diagonal Cut
  • For plunge cuts, the …

Dressing Stick


All diamond blades require periodic dressing to maintain their ‘like new’ performance. Simply make two or three thin slice cuts under water coolant—just like cutting tile—to expose new cutting edges. Never use coarse abrasive material for dressing as this would damage the blade. Stick is 3/4" square x 4" long.

Tile Saw Kit


This saw uses 4-1/2" (or 4") diameter diamond tile blades mounted on a 20 mm arbor for incidental tile cutting and grout removal. This saw has a powerful 1/2 HP motor with a 9' 16/2 cord and is double insulated for safety. The blade can be water cooled for longer …

45°/60° Small Miter Guide


These metal guides fit the Nos. 710, 1000JR, 1000SR and other saws with comparable cutting tables.

10" Contour Gauge


These tools provide a fast and easy way to match contours and irregular shapes for the custom fitting of floor tile or other material. Both have a center bar for precise measurement transfer.

This all plastic gauge has a 10" center bar with both inch and metric graduations. Tool …

7" Tile Wet Saw


This 7" tile saw is a lightweight portable saw designed to give professional cuts on tile and stone.

This saw features:

  • 17" Straight Cut & 12" Diagonal Cut
  • A large (14-1/2" X 14-1/2") cutting table mounted on ball bearing rollers with an injection molded rubber top to reduce …

Pump with Flow Control Clamp


Supplied as original equipment by major saw manufacturers, this submersible pump can be used as a replacement with almost any saw. Includes a plastic reducer clamp to regulate flow and also has a large round screen intake filter. Permanently sealed, the pump can be operated in any position and won’t …