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Jr Power Carpet Stretcher

No. 400-CS

Features a 14-1/2" wide metal pin plate that holds 59 rust resistant nickel plated pins for heavy duty work. Pin depth is adjusted by a knob conveniently located on top of the head. One head handles all weights of carpet. The lightweight cast aluminum head is angled at the rear of both sides to allow side kicking. The 14-1/4" wide tail block has a nonmarring rubber pad and glides in any direction on two each 1" ball type casters. Supplied with a sturdy steel carrying case that has storage capacity for six tubing sections in the lid. Minimum operating length is 34-1/2", and opens to 22' with four tubing sections. More tubing can be added for longer stretches. Supplied complete with an adjustable 14" Transfer Tube, Head Assembly, Tail Block Assembly, Case and four each No. 402-TS 3' Steel Stretcher Tubes with exclusive one-piece spring clips. Weighs about 62 lbs.

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